How can I place an order at the Rounded website?

            Step 1 - You can create an order by placing the items you would like to order in the orange shopping cart and click on the + button.

            Step 2: After this, you can select your country below and you will see all the different shipping methods we offer for your country.

            Click on one of the dots to select the shipping you want. 

            Step 3: select the shopping cart right above and click on checkout.

            Step 4 choose to order as a new customer, a regular customer or a gust After this you can follow fill in your address details and payment options,
            but as soon as you are in this step out website will guide you through the process

            Note: if you have any questions about the ordering process please contact our customer service!

            Updated: 14 Jun 2018 10:22 PM
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